Carriers (AT&T, Verizon, etc) are beginning to take unwanted calls and text messages seriously (think of unwanted “expired car warranty” calls). These carrier-driven changes mean businesses and organizations have needed to change some settings in delivering text messages.  

One important change to note is that we have moved to a new shortcode. Previously, text messages from Simpson County Schools would go out from 98901 and now go out from the shortcode of 98900. This new, clean short code, should help make sure that there are no flags as we send out messages. 

If you suddenly stopped receiving messages in mid-September check with your carrier to ensure that your wireless carrier and device support short code messaging.

Can I stop receiving messages?

Yes. You can opt-out of any future messages by responding “STOP” to the text message you received from number 98900.

Can I opt back in to start receiving messages again?
If at any time in the future you would like to opt back in and start receiving the communication messages from the school, you can do so by sending “START” to 98900.