Test to Stay

Update 10/1/21

I want to first report that our Test to Stay program has been a success for our school district over the past 2 weeks. It has allowed many students to be able to attend school, not have to quarantine and have not tested positive for COVID-19. We have received further guidance from the local and state health departments that will bring on some changes after fall break.

The Test to Stay program is intended for students or staff that are exposed to a positive case of COVID-19 at school. The change that will occur is that students or staff that are a houshold contact will not be eligible for Test to Stay. If you are exposed from within your home you will have to quarantine. If you have questions please don't hesitate to reach out to your students school or central office.

We have completed our 27th day of in person learning and I want to commend all our students, staff, parents and community for all their hard work to make that possible. I firmly believe that the layered mitigation stratgies that we have implemented are working to keep our cases of COVID-19 to a minimum. I hope everyone has a great fall break and we look forward to seeing everyone back at school Monday October 11th.

Take Care and Be Safe!!!

Tim Schlosser

Update 9/27/21

Simpson Co. Schools: We have been monitoring our Test to Stay program and it has been successful up to this point. We are going to make a change in the hours of operation. Test to Stay will be open from 6:45am to 9:00am. Thanks 

Tim Schlosser 

Dear Wildcat Family,

Thank you for all of your support in helping Simpson Co. Schools keep students healthy during this time. We are striving to implement as many strategies as possible to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and keep in person instruction in all our schools. SCS is currently stressing the importance of handwashing, sanitizing our buildings, utilizing masks, social distancing, and vaccinations for those eligible to help mitigate the spread. When all of these are layered together each of these become more effective in reducing the spread of the virus and help keep our kids healthy and in school. 

We are excited to announce that Simpson Co. Schools are partnering with PEARL Laboratory to start a “Test to Stay” program. This strategy would offer parents/guardians the option of having their student tested every morning instead of quarantining when they have been exposed to COVID-19 at “NO COST” to the parents. As long as the student continues to test negative, then the student remains at school learning. The mitigation strategy will use a rapid testing device. This “Test to Stay” strategy can only be implemented with a signed consent from the parent or guardian. The program can also be utilized by any family member or person living within the household of the student. 

• Test to Stay will be used when students have been exposed to COVID-19 and required to quarantine.

• The test will be performed by a licensed healthcare provider/testing company.

• Testing should be performed with an FDA approved machine/device.

• Testing should be performed daily and at a minimum of days 1-6 following exposure. If

testing cannot be performed on the first days following exposure, it should begin as soon

as possible and at the earliest end on the sixth day from initial exposure.

• Testing is recommended to be performed a minimum of 24 hours apart.

• If days 1-6 fall on a weekend, testing may not be performed on those days.

• If the test result is negative, the contact may remain at school with a mask on at all times.

If the test is positive, contact must be sent home immediately.

• Participation in this program is VOLUNTARY.

• Data will be shared with the school, department of public health (DPH), or any entity that is required by law. 

The testing location will be the indoor practice facility behind the football stadium. The site will be open in the mornings from 6:00am to 9:00am. It will be the responsibility of the student and parent to arrive at the testing site between the hours of 6:00am to 9:00am. Once the student has tested and received a negative test they will receive a note to be able to return to school for that day. 

The test used is the non evasive or lower nasal test swab. If a student tests positive they will follow up with a PCR test and send it off. The PCR test has 3 options which are the nasal swab, tongue swab or saliva test. 

If you have any further questions please reach out to the central office at 270 586-8877.


Tim Schlosser