What forms MUST I complete?

Q: What form do I need to make sure my travel request is approved?
A: All employees must complete the “Authorization for Out-of-District Travel” form. This form estimates expenses, must be signed by the employee, supervisor and Superintendent. Please make sure you list the program paying for the expense. If you don’t know, please ask your Supervisor. Any blank spaces left on the form, will result in it being returned without approval.
Q: What form do I need to get reimbursed for my expenses upon returning?
A: Upon returning, each employee must complete the “Travel Expense Voucher.” On this form you will list all expenses incurred including food, hotel expense, mileage reimbursements, etc. This form must also be signed and approved by your supervisor prior to submitting to the Central Office for reimbursement.

Please don’t forget your ITEMIZED receipts!
Q: What are the reimbursement policies for Simpson County Schools?
A: On the back of the form “Authorization for Out-of-District Travel,” there is a list of all allowable reimbursements and required documentation.
Q: Where do I send my Authorization for Out-of-District Travel Form and Travel Expense Voucher?
A: Please send all completed forms to your school Bookkeeper for submission tothe District office.