Communication Devices

Twin talk & twin talk & play: Encourage self-expression with this simple yet versatile communicator.

Talkable II: Compact and intuitive, these basic easy talk message communicators come with built-in icon holders and free clear covers.

Talking photo album: A wonderful way to facilitate communication and express creativity, this interactive communicator encourages users to tell their stories through photos, icons, and drawings.

Big Talk Triple Play: This versatile communicator provides single, sequential, and random message capabilities, includes 4 levels, and 300 seconds of recording time

Mini-com: are a great option for promoting simple communication

Small Talk Sequencer w/levels: We added 4 levels to our bestselling compact communicator in addition to its single, sequential, and random message capabilities!

Put-em around: Users can be part of the conversation wherever they are with these unique wall communicators. Just mount the compact devices in strategic locations in the home or classroom and enable users to play pre-recorded 20-second messages throughout the day. Mounting hardware included.

Adaptive Switches (switch not included)

Floppy Bunny: hops and wiggles its nose when you activate your capability switch. This switch-adapted plush toy is great for teaching cause and effect.

Pretty Kitten: meows as it moves back and forth when you activate your switch.

Chihuahua: Loyal and loveable, this darling pup barks, walks and wags his tail when you activate your switch.

Puppy Dog: barks, wags his tail, and swings his head when his playmate activates a switch.

Butterfly: Plays 18 different songs! Just hit your switch, and the multi-colored blinking lights dance around the Butterfly while music plays. Great for visual tracking.

Jellyfish Lamp: Watch in amazement as two life-like jellyfish gently float and sway in the water when you activate your switch.

Tornado lamp: Create a whirlwind of color and curiosity with this color-changing vortex lamp when you press and hold your switch.

Activity Pads / Tiles

Spiral Gel Activity Pad - Use alone or with Light Box

Gel Maze: Push and wiggle the marble along the twisting path for fun and squishy tactile-rich activity. So comforting and cool, even grownups can’t keep their hand off of it! It’s familiar, fun, and easy. Develop eye-hand coordination, strengthen fingers, improve dexterity, attention, and focus. Use on a lightbox (# 3708) for extra illuminated fun! 14” x 14”

Surfloor Sensory Liquid Floor Tile - 20" x 20"

These mats come in bright cosmic liquid colors that move with every step, jump, dance, or hop. The bold contrasting and changing color patterns of the tiles will stimulate sensory and perceptual development while mesmerizing fun.

Hexagon Gel Lap Pad
Got Special KIDS|Fabric Marble MazeManeuver a steel ball through a sewn-in maze. Sensory input combined with eye-hand coordination and visual perception makes for a multi-sensory product for all ages. Spend hours enjoying the challenge of the maze and relish the feel of fabric between your fingers.

Blue stretch nylon tricot fabric, zig-zag stitched maze, and a 3/8” steel ball.

Marble Maze I is approximately 8.5” x 14” and fairly simple to master. Marble Maze II is approximately 8” x 11” and is more challenging.

Can be hand-washed and air-dried for repeat useage.


Got Special Kids|Lime the Weighted LizardPlush Lime the Lizard Fidget With Soothing Weight
You won’t want to put this cute lizard down! Have him sit in your lap to help you sit still, calm down or chill. Lightly weighted to provide gentle proprioceptive input, and small enough to toss in your backpack for school or car trips. Smooth scales to encourage tactile exploration, with a twirly tail for fidgety fingers.

Encourages pretend play and provides a creative outlet for sensory-seeking kids. Supports kids with ADHD, sensory integration disorder, or autism

Got Special Kids|Soft Charlie the Weighted Bulldog Plush Toy - 3 & 5 PoundsCharlie the Bulldog helps increase muscle tone and strength. Charlie can also be used as a lap pad. Charlie's shape and size allow the weight to be distributed evenly for children of all ages and sizes. Charlie comes in two sizes or buys as a set.
    Small Charlie is 13" in length and 2 lbs.
Got Special Kids|Lime the Weighted LizardGot Special Kids|Lime the Weighted LizardHanna Hippo Weighted Sequin Pet or Dino Dinosaur Weighted Sequin Pet

Hanna Hippo Weighted Sequin Pet and Dino Dinosaur Sequin Pet is an adorable little 7" sensory friend who has a snuggly soft furry belly, face, and legs; the rest of her is covered with irresistible flip sequins. Hanna and Dino make a delightful calming fidget tool for sensory seekers and anyone who loves fidgeting with tactile fiddle toys. Hanna and Dino weigh approximately 1 pound and are designed for children ages 4-up.
Got Special KIDS|Comfort Weighted Lap Pad - 4 lbsOur weighted lap pads are used in every learning environment for students who need sensory feedback. Weighted lap pads assist with focus and sensory regulation. Excellent school and homework companion to help children stay in place.
Lap Pads are handmade and filled with a plastic medium that can also be used as a warming/cooling pad when warmed in the dryer or cooled in the freezer.
2 lb: 13" x 9"
    Solid royal blue 
    Simple design is ideal for promoting calm without distraction.
    Machine washable.
Got Special KIDS|Small or Large Weighted Snake Puppet for Sensory InputProvides calming sensory input and comfort. Like a hand on your shoulder, our fun and functional snake wrap provide the wearer extra pressure on the body that can improve attention also functions as a hand puppet. Pockets located behind the head and tail to keep fidgety hands busy and cozy!


Chewy Tube - Help develop jaw strength & address sensory issues.

Chewy Robotz

SentioCHEWS Chew pendants - Soft rubber feels but made for aggressive chewers.

Kid Companion Necklace

Chew Buds - A discreet, sensory chew pendant.


Good Vibes Waterproof Massager - Give yourself a relaxing, tingling scalp or body massage.

Hand-Held Bug Massager - Great sensory input tool for children needing calming

Floating Color Timer - Unique timer.

Mox® is a fidget-talking ball with a big mouth. He likes to talk, laugh, sing, and most of all, he likes to eat. He eats marbles, coins, and other things that rumble nicely in his stomach. Mox also enjoys rolling, being thrown and caught, or even juggled. Unlike any other ball, he has the ability to balance and form towers together with his siblings.

Monkey Fidgetz - Our Mesh and Marble Fidgets are made of high-quality, BPA-free plastic and premium marbles. These handy, discreet fidgets are small and fit into your pocket or backpack. Fidget toys are great for all children and adults, but especially those with extra energy, ADD/ADHD, OCD, autism, or high stress/anxiety levels. Fidgets help promote a sense of calm, reduce stress and anxiety, and can increase focus and attention. Approximately 3.5" long with one marble inside.

Follow the Leader (finger dexterity game) is a stretch fabric maze mat with contains 5 beads enclosed within a continuous patterned maze. Follow the Leader is designed to facilitate finger isolation & pincer grasp, develop visual tracking, bilateral integration, and overall finger strengthening. The game's round beads are maneuvered and manipulated through the continuous maze using one's fingers. The beads can be moved together in a group of 5, or separated into smaller groups. 8.5” x 14”

Vibrating Pillow (color and shape will vary)
Got Special KIDS|Califone Hush Buddy Earmuff HeadphonesThe Califone Hush Buddy Hearing Protector blocks out distracting noise and allows students to concentrate on lessons, reading work and more. These noise reduction headphones are comfortable and user-friendly.
Chose from panda, bear, tiger

Key Features:

    ABS plastic ear cups withstand wear and tear
    Padded ear cups completely cover the ears, blocking out noise
    Designed to fit young students
    Padded headband is adjustable

      Ear Cup Material: ABS plastic with foam padding
      Headband Material: Padded leatherette
      Protection: Up to 27 decibels
Got Special KIDS|Tranquil Blue Classroom Light Filters - Set of 4Set of 4 light filters reduce the flicker and glare of fluorescent lights. For children with sensory differences, fluorescent lights can cause eyestrain, headaches, even anxiety. Our set includes four fabric panels that fit over standard ceiling fluorescent light fixtures with sturdy, sewn-in magnets, creating a soothing working environment.

2' x 4' heat-resistant Fluorescent Light Filter panels in tranquil blue, and Certificate of Conformance for flame retardancy.
What' Zit FishThis multi colored fish can be moved into endless configurations. Elastic movable fish, with wooden body. Will keep fingers moving and playing while turning the fins. The What Z'it fish toy has unlimited possibilities.

Ages 12 + months
Give kids a special place to sit—with cozy chairs that provide flexible seating wherever you need it! The chairs feature cushioned back supports that adjust to the perfect position…simply lift the backs of the seats to a comfortable height, then just lay them flat for convenient storage! Removable microfiber covers are machine-washable. (color may vary)
ust place this handy cushion on the floor or on a chair—for flexible seating anywhere! Our super-durable vinyl cushion is specially designed to let children wiggle and wobble while they sit…helping kids focus as they move. It features large nubs on one side and small nubs on the other—children simply select the sensory surface they prefer! (color may vary)
Kids tilt and turn our liquid-filled sensory windows to guide balls into horseshoes…around pegs…or through the wave maze! With chunky, easy-grip handles, the windows are perfect for small hands to hold and control—helping children boost fine motor skills and concentration as they play. Set includes 3 durable plastic windows; each measures 5 1/2" x 8 3/8".
This soft, cozy ball provides tons of comfort and security—an ideal way for kids to calm themselves whenever they need it! Designed to give children a “hug,” the plush ball helps reduce anxiety and soothes the senses when kids slip in their arms and give it a little squeeze. Best of all, it’s machine-washable for super-easy care! Ball measures 11" in diameter.

Boardmaker or Boardmaker Plus CD (will vary)

Adapt your favorite books for PECS use! Books with repeated lines and predictable stories are great for PECS activities because the repetition and predictability provide a functional context for multiple opportunities for requesting or commenting. We’ve developed five Story Book Activity kits for several books we think are perfect! The All Five-Story Book Activities kit includes one each of the Spilt Milk Story Book Activity, Caterpillar Story Book Activity, Zoo Story Book Activity, Polar Bear Story Book Activity, and the Brown Bear Story Book Activity. Kits can also be purchased individually. All five of the Story Book Activity kits each include an Activity Board, VELCRO® Brand loop VELCOINS® and all the laminated 1- 3/4″ pictures for both requesting and commenting activities, including a variety of Sentence Starters™. Activity Board may vary in color. Books not included