End of may technology trainings

5/21 • 10 am • Why Schoology? Getting Started With Schoology. And Why You Should Still Have a Google Classroom • https://meet.google.com/pcb-zxwr-bej

5/22 • 11:30am • Creating Assignments in Schoology and Collecting Student Work • https://meet.google.com/rys-abig-oaa

5/26 • 10 am • Creating and Grading Student Discussion Boards in Schoology • https://meet.google.com/muc-xjcs-soh

5/27 • 10 am • Creating and Grading Student Assessments in Schoology • https://meet.google.com/oaa-sepx-erk

5/28 • 10 am • Online tools, tricks, tips to add to your teacher toolbox. • https://meet.google.com/zra-adjq-gtb

Digital Citizenship

 At Simpson County Schools we have selected Common Sense Education to aid in the instruction of Digital Citizenship for our students. Common Sense uses six topics to categorize lessons; Media Balance & Well-Bening, Privacy & Security, Digital Footprint & Identity, Relationships & Communication, Cyberbullying, Digital Drama & Hate Speech, and News & Media Literacy. Lessons may take place in the students' computer lab, library, computer science time or their core classes. 

To view all lessons for all grades click here.

Digital Citizenship is a community, family, and school issue. Parents can use Common Sense Media to read honest reviews of movies, tv shows, books and even apps that in

clude ratings on such things as violence and language. Common Sense has other great resources such as a section titled "Parents Need To Know" that addresses many of the concerns of parents today from cell phones, to screen time, to cyberbullying.  The site also has "Parents' Ultimate Guides" that give an inside to view to such things as InstagramFortnite, and TikTok.

Google's Be Internet Awesome is another great, hands-on, game-like resource for both the social-emotional aspect of Digital Citizenship and the technical aspect as well.