Creating Pathways and Removing Barriers

I am happy to be working as the Director of Pupil Personnel and Student Support Services for the Simpson County Schools. The primary goal of this office is to create pathways to student success and to remove barriers that may exist. We know that all students will be successful when provided the proper support. With the support services we currently have in place it is our mission to accomplish the following things:

  • Increase communication between the schools and the families we serve
  • Help students and their families access the resources they need in order to succeed at a high level
  • Improve student attendance
  • Provide positive behavior supports for students in a consistent manner from the time they enter our school district to the time they leave our school district.
  • Give students and their families the information they need in order to live a healthier life
  • Help students make good decisions that will contribute to their overall health and wellness
  • Create a safe, caring, and nurturing environment

Student Support Services

The following support services are available for students in the Simpson County Schools

Family Resouce Center - Serves students and families at Franklin Elementary, Simpson Elementary, and Lincoln Elementary Schools

Middle School Youth Service Center - Serves students and families at Franklin-Simpson Middle School

High School Youth Service Center - Serves students and families at Franklin-Simpson High School

   Franklin-Simpson Family Resource & Youth Service Centers

FSMS Social Worker - Serves students at Franklin-Simpson Middle School
School Social Worker- Brittney Baker

Elementary Social Worker - Serves students at Franklin Elementary, Simpson Elementary and Lincoln Elementary
School Social Worker - Amie Chaney

Student Assistance Coordinator - Serves students at Franklin-Simpson High School
Student Assistance Coordinator - Jessica Johnson

Alternative School Social Worker - Serves students at Learning Opportunities Center
School Social Worker - Melita Joiner