Inclement weather Update (Mon, Jan 25, 10:53 AM)

Hello Franklin-Simpson Community,

I hope this finds everyone doing well. I wanted to share what the plan would be if or when we may have inclement weather. If we were not able to attend school because of snow or ice, the current plan is for that day to be a virtual day for all students.

In the summer, our staff developed NTI packets for students in case we had a short term closure. However, since we are still in the hybrid/virtual setting those packets will not be utilized at this time.

If school is closed for inclement weather more than likely there will not be any school lunch deliveries for that day. I cannot see a situation where we would deliver meals for that day, but there have been many things happen in the 20-21 school year that I never believed I would see either.

If school were to be cancelled for inclement weather we will continue to utilize the same methods we have used in years past: one call, text, social media, local radio and television outlets.

If you have any questions please feel free to call your students school or the central office for clarification.

Take Care and Be Safe!!!

Tim Schlosser- Superintendent

Inclement Weather


SCHOOLS MAY BE CLOSED, OPENING DELAYED, OR DISMISSED EARLY, if weather or other emergency conditions make operating the school bus fleet unsafe. A safety survey is conducted, including; review of the most hazardous area roads, monitoring weather conditions and various forecast. The following radio and TV stations will be notified in case of changes: WFKN-Franklin, WSMV-Nashville, WTVF-Nashville, FOX17-Nashville, WBKO- Bowling Green, WKRN-Nashville, WKYU/WDCL-Radio Bowling Green, WBVR- Russellville, WOVO-BG, Glasgow, WNKY-Bowling Green, WGGC-Glasgow. Information will also be posted on the school website simpson.kyschools.us and the Simpson County-Schools Facebook page. Additionally, the SchoolMessenger notification system will be utilized.


UP TO A TWO-HOUR DELAY PLAN may be considered when roads are unsafe early but weather conditions are forecast to improve by 8:30 a.m.

  • The normal review will be made early with an announcement for a one-hour or two-hour delay.
  • Conditions will continue to be monitored to ensure weather and road conditions have improved as expected.
  • Parents should continue to listen and/or watch outlets used for notification in case decision is made to abort delay plan.
  • Parents should make provisions to ensure children have a place to go if the parent is not at home when an early dismissal occurs or there is a delayed start. Drop-in services are available at Simpson County Schools’ Kid’s First Day Care for children as needed.
  • INFORM PRINCIPALS AND BUS DRIVERS NOW OF ALTERNATE ARRANGEMENTS. Elementary students will not be left unattended in cases of early dismissal. Students that can not be delivered will be returned to their school.

Occasionally, we will run routes at driver discretion. If your child is affected, you will be notified.


During the winter months several factors come into play that could delay the start of school or cause school to be closed all together. One such factor is the wind chill on a given day. On particularly cold mornings, we continuously monitor the National Weather Service and closely monitor the weather conditions. There are two possible scenarios that come from the National Weather Service: a Wind Chill Advisory and a Wind Chill Warning. The National Weather Service defines the two as the following:

Wind Chill Advisory: Wind Chills between -10 and -24 degrees

Wind Chill Warning: Wind Chills -25 degrees and below

When the National Weather Service issues a Wind Chill Warning for Simpson County for the time the school day begins, we will make a decision to close schools. It is quite likely we will make this type of decision on the morning of the day in question as it is hard to predict what the wind chill will be the night before. If there is a WindChill Advisory for the county, schools will likely be open unless there are operational problems with the bus fleet or mechanical problems in the school buildings. Buildings and the bus fleet are assessed in the morning prior to school by 6:00am.

As a parent if you determine that the weather conditions are too dangerous for your child to be out we respect your decision. You are free to contact your child’s school to request an excused absence for the day. If your child misses school because your car will not start or other issues related to extreme cold temperatures those reasons will be counted as an excused absence. Please make sure you contact the attendance office at your child’s school to report the absence.

Understand that the safety of our staff and students is our top priority when making the decision to delay or close school. We can assure you that our school buildings are warm, safe and an ideal place for students to be when it is extremely cold outside. Parents should make sure their child is dressed appropriately for the cold weather. The district urges students to wear winter hats, gloves, heavy coats and boots. Frostbite and hypothermia are serious risks and need to be taken into consideration by the parents.

To get more information on how the wind chill is calculated see the National Weather Service wind chill chart from the National Weather Service.