Simpson County Schools is committed to supporting the needs of students who have the potential to perform at exceptionally high levels. These children are identified and provided services based on criteria outlined in 704 KAR 3:285 - Programs for Gifted and Talented. Gifted students require guidance in discovering, challenging, and realizing their full potential. The identification of students’ strengths and abilities and provision of services designed to build upon those strengths are essential.

Gifted and Talented students are a category of exceptional students identified as possessing demonstrated or potential ability to perform at an exceptionally high level in one or more of the following identified areas:

  1. General Intellectual Ability                                 
  2. Specific Academic Aptitude (English Language Arts, Math, Science and/or Social Studies)
  3. Creativity
  4. Visual and Performing Arts
  5. Leadership

High potential learners in grades K-3 are informally selected for Primary Talent Pool (PTP). High potential learners are students who typically represent the top quartile of the entire student population in terms of degree of demonstrated GT characteristics and behaviors. Students in PTP receive differentiated services that are matched to their needs, interests, and abilities. Participation in PTP does not guarantee a student will be formally identified as Gifted and Talented in grades 4-12.

Gifted and Talented services are designed to differentiate, replace, supplement, and/or modify curricula to facilitate high-level attainment of the learning goals established in 704 KAR 3:285 and to assist students identified as gifted and talented in the development of their individual interests, needs, and abilities. These services shall be delivered through multiple service delivery options, with no single option existing alone at any grade level. The school’s gifted and talented coordinators will assist classroom teachers to plan and provide services for the needs of each identified child, but it is ultimately the responsibility of the entire staff, in partnership with parents and the school system, to meet the needs of gifted students.