About Simpson County Schools

New Teacher Salary with 0 yrs. experience: $38,812

PreK-12 Enrollment: 2,997

About Franklin, Kentucky

Simpson County Public Schools is located in Franklin, Kentucky in South Central Kentucky.
It is the 59th largest among Kentucky’s 168 school districts.

  • Area
    • Franklin: 7.4 Square Miles
    • Simpson County: 236 Square Miles
  • Population
    • Franklin: 8,859
    • Simpson County: 18,025
  • Median Household Income: $41, 961
  • Per Capita Income: $19, 539
  • Our Schools & Programs
    • 3 Elementary Schools
    • 1 Middle School
    • 1 High School
    • 1 Other Program

The Superintendent & Executive Leadership Team

Superintendent Tim Schlosser
Chief Academic Officer Shelina Smith
Director of Pupil Personnel/Student Support Services Joey Kilburn
Human Resources Director Dr. Milli McIntosh
Chief Financial Officer Amanda Spears

Simpson County Schools Student-Teacher Ratio
Franklin Elementary 24 certified, 338 students, 14.08:1 Preschool - Kindergarten
Simpson Elementary 49 certified, 657 students, 13.41:1 First Grade - Third Grade
Lincoln Elementary 32 certified, 429 students, 13.41:1 Fourth Grade - Fifth Grade
Franklin-Simpson Middle School 50 certified, 717 students, 14.34:1 Sixth Grade - Eighth Grade
Franklin-Simpson High School 66 certified, 893 students, 13.53:1 Ninth Grade - Twelfth Grade
Franklin-Simpson High School - West Campus 5 certified, 23 students, 4.6:1 Sixth Grade - Twelfth Grade

Our mission is driven by five fundamental guiding questions:
  • How do we develop positive, professional relationships with our students, their families, and one another?
  • How do we ensure all students are taught the standards and skills needed to be college and/or career ready in the 21st Century?
  • How do we measure the progress of our students to these standards and skills?
  • How do we provide interventions for students who are struggling to achieve our learning goals?
  • How do we enrich and stretch the learning of our students who are meeting or exceeding our learning goals?

Key Beliefs
  • All students can learn and succeed.
  • All students can graduate college and/or career ready.
  • Everyone has strengths to build on.
  • Relationships that are healthy and positive will lead to increased student learning achievement.
  • We can empower every child to discover the “leader in me.”
  • 21st Century skill development is essential for success.
  • All staff members can contribute in important and meaningful ways to the development and care of our students.
  • The community is a source of support, guidance, and resources for our schools. Our schools are a source of pride, resources, and connection in the community.

Important Goals
  • All students will develop the knowledge and skills to be academically and socially prepared for college and/or careers by graduation.
  • All schools will achieve outcomes on the state accountability system that place the school and SCS in the Top 25% of the state.
  • All students will have an adult in the school that they trust and who they know cares about them and their success.
  • All staff members are engaged and committed to the SCS Vision/Mission and making a difference in the lives of our students and others in our school community
  • All students and staff will develop the “leader in me” to live a principle-centered life. These principles of effectiveness will enrich our lives, relationships, and effectiveness in all aspects of life.