Please see the SUGGESTED SCHEDULE for virtual learning here at Franklin-Simpson Middle School. The purpose of this SUGGESTED schedule is to provide our students and their families structure to their day as they progress through their online learning platforms.  Please take note of a couple of things:

  • Each student should log in to EACH of their classes daily to check for announcements and/or new content.
  • Office Hours are provided for our students by period to ensure their teacher is available for questions.  These will be done by Google MEET or ZOOM...and are OPTIONAL for students.  This is a time our students can check in with their teachers.  However, it will not be required.  We simply want to guarantee times to our students and their families of when they can access their teachers.
  • Our suggested schedule for Fridays includes a period of time for students to check in with their Homeroom teachers.  Again, this is optional.
  • Please feel free to contact your teacher through email with any needs you may have.