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I want to welcome everyone to the 2013-2014 school year in Simpson County Schools!  This time of year always brings a sense excitement as we count down to the start of school!  We have a great school-year planned for our students and look forward to having them back in our classrooms on August 14th!  Our vision is to be the best school system in the state of Kentucky that empowers our students to graduate life-ready – academically and socially prepared for college and/or careers!  To that end, our mission is simple – to develop each child to their fullest potential and prepare them for the next level of life!  Our expectations are very high for every student and employee in our school system.  To meet this important vision and mission, we focus our efforts on five fundamental questions that drive the work in our schools:

  1. Do we have a clear plan for building positive, professional relationships with students, their families and one another?
  2. Do we have clear procedures for making sure we are teaching the standards that we expect all students to know and be able to do in order to graduate college and/or career ready?
  3. Do we have clear procedures for making sure our students have learned the standards?
  4. Do we have clear procedures for making sure we “fix it” when students struggle learning and meeting the standards?
  5. Do we have clear procedures for providing enrichments and “stretch” learning for students who are already meeting or exceeding the standards?

We will maintain a “laser-like” focus on these guiding questions in our work throughout the 2013-2014 school year! 

Education is a people business and it is our people who make our school great!  We have amazing students with an array of talents and abilities.  Our teachers, administrators and support personnel are committed to our students and their well-being.  Our Board of Education: Brigette Crawford, Heidi Estes, Debbie Hudson, Wes Stone and David Webster, are focused on student learning and efficient operations that results in high levels of performance throughout our school system.  We have supportive parents and community members who enrich the lives’ of our students in many ways.  We are very appreciative of this and invite continued community involvement and support for our schools. 

We have a talented team of people at our Central Office who are committed to our vision and mission.  Shelina Smith, Teacher Quality and District Assessment Coordinator, lends her skills and efforts to support professional development, capacity-building for our teachers and leaders, and supporting high quality instruction in our classrooms.  Sheila Baugh, Specialized Instructional Program Coordinator, will continue leading our efforts to implement effective intervention supports for students who need extra help meeting our learning goals.  Whittney Maxwell is our Academic Programs Coordinator.  Her primary duties will be to coordinate the development of the district curriculum, consult with our schools on instruction and assessment issues, assist with the district assessment program, and serve as a resource in the selection of instructional programs/materials & textbooks for our students.  Helping us recruit and hire the very best folks to work with and around our students is Milli McIntosh, Director of Human Resources.  Joey Kilburn is our DPP/ Student Support Services Coordinator.  He leads and supports efforts to make our school safe and healthy places for students to learn and grow.   Amanda Deweese, Finance Director, leads finance and business operations divisions.  Robert White, our Operations Manager, leads and supports our maintenance and custodial services.   Sarah Richardson heads up our Food Service Program and Scot Perdue is our District Technology Coordinator.  Our School Psychologists, Michelle Antle and Sarah Thompson provides expertise and support for students with special needs.  None of us could do our jobs well without the help of our administrative support staff – Julie Traughber, Ruth Britt, Lesley Forshee, Tammy Cinkan, Robin Clark, Melissa Franklin and Michelle Guess.  Our Central Office team is focused on providing exemplary leadership, service and support to our schools centered on the learning needs of our students.  Feel free to contact us at 586-8877 for assistance with any issue, need or question you may have about our school system. 

The motto of our school system is to be a “Great Place to Learn, where KIDS MATTER MOST!”  Safety is paramount to our vision and mission, so we work extremely to ensure a safe, orderly environment in our schools. Additionally, we keep the needs and well-being of our students at the center of every decision.  We are continuously striving to improve our school system on behalf of our students and community.  I invite you to join our mission to develop each child to their fullest potential, prepare them for the next level of life, and graduate them college and/or career ready!  We welcome your feedback – positive or negative – on the job we’re doing serving the youth of Simpson County.  Remember, investing in our youth is an investment in our future – and our children are worth our commitment, time and resources!

Jim Flynn, Ed.D.

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Kids Matter Most!

VISION: To be a world-class educational system empowering all students to graduate LIFE-READY - academically and socially prepared for college and/or careers!

MISSION:  To develop each child to their fullest potential and prepare them for the next level of life!




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