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The SLTP Mission:

The Mission of the Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP) is to advance the individual capabilities of students; to motivate all students; and to create leadership opportunities through the use of technology.


The Kentucky Department of Education’s Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP™) uses project-based learning principals to empower student learning and achievement through the utilization (and creation) of technology based solutions to school and community needs.

An appointed school coordinator guides students to create products, provide services or carry out projects that help the school and community.


The Six Goals of STLP
  1. The STLP will develop activities that enhance the academic, social and emotional growth of the student.
  2. The STLP will provide leadership opportunities for all students.
  3. The STLP will experience multi-age collaboration by forming innovative learning partnerships.
  4. The STLP will form learning partnerships between students with different technology skills.
  5. The STLP will develop activities that benefit communities.
  6. The STLP will develop instructional activities, which integrate technology and benefit the school and support the Kentucky Education Technology System (KETS).

What Students do in STLP:

Our STLP students participate in many events. There is always a showcase project, in addition to other products and services. 
FSMS offers one showcase project each year:

The three types of showcase projects are:


  1. Community Service: projects that extend outside the classroom to help the school and community
  2. Instructional: projects that impact classroom instruction and help in student or adult learning
  3. Technical Expertise: projects that are specific to the use of hardware and software; or STEM topics

In the Fall Students Participate at WKU in:

Cyber Shorts Service: one student presents a resume and is interviewed to film and produce the State video

Engineer Service: one student presents a resume, references, and is interviewed for technical positions 

Live Reporting Service: one student presents a resume and is interviewed for a position on a team at State

Production Company Service: one student presents a resume and is interviewed for the State camera crew 

Showcase Project: One to four students create and present the project for Level One Judges 

Twitter Service: one student presents a resume and is interviewed for a position to Tweet  

During Winter Virtual Judging:

Digital Art Product: one student creates original digital art

Documentary Product: one team creates an original documentary video using new footage

ePublishing/Publishing Product: one team creates a published product used by a class/school/community

Feature Product: one team creates a video using new footage

Graphic Design Product: one student creates a graphic design

KATE Patriots Among Us:  students will create an epub book (electronic book) that can be shared with schools

KSU GIS/MAPS/Cartography Product: one team creates a digital map or model

Manipulated Image Product: one student takes an original photo, manipulates it into a totally new image

Multimedia Content Product: one student uses three types of digital media to teach a concept

Music Product: one student creates an original digital music piece

Photo Product: one student takes an original image

PSA Product: one team creates a PSA video (15, 30 or 60 sec.)

Storytelling Product: one student writes an original story

Technical Writing Product: one student creates a technical piece


Gazette Reporter Service: one student posts a story about Fall Showcase for a Gazette position at State

Presenter Service: 1-2 students submit a 2-minute presentation video, slides & resume



The State Championship allows students from across the state to come together and demonstrate for other students, school and community persons what they know and can do with technology.

  • Help Desk Desktop Support Service: one team presents and markets the school’s technical support to judges at State

  • Newscast Service: one team documents and explains the school’s news program and includes a three (2) min. video

  • UL Podcast Service Telling Your Story: one team uploads best podcast to the UL server 

Additionally, Students participate in the following:

  • Cyber Shorts
  • Engineer
  • Gazette Reporter
  • Live Reporting
  • Presenter
  • Production Company
  • Twitter Service
  • Digital Art, Graphic Design, Manipulated Image, Photo,
  • Documentary, Feature, PSA
  • ePublishing/Publishing
  • KATE Imagine You Were There
  • KSU GIS/Maps/Cartography
  • Multimedia Content
  • Music
  • Storytelling, Technical Writing
  • Art on Demand
  • Bench Challenge
  • Cinemania
  • Coding Challenge
  • Cyber Defense
  • Dell & Microsoft Gaming
  • EKU Aviation
  • Enterasys Networking
  • Flight Sim
  • Geek Squad Ready
  • Georgetown College Robot Use
  • Geotechnologies/Geospatial Literacy 
  • Help Desk/Desktop Support Service 
  • Heritage Council
  • KSTC's Students.Ideas.Enterprise
  • Ky Dept. of Travel
  • Learning Games Network Design Challenge 
  • Newscast Service
  • NKU Mobile App
  • Photo on Demand
  • Proven Learning Quick Tech Recall
  • Racing to the Future
  • RCX (Robo Challenge Xtreme)
  • Sumo Bot
  • UK Computer Science
  • UK Engineering Minds On Innovation 
  • UL Podcast Service Telling Your Story 
  • Web Site Design
  • Projects in Showcase 



(All information is from the STLP website http://stlp.education.ky.gov/ )