The smartest kid in the class is a blessing and a curse
Whether she's in 1st Grade or 12th, she needs to be inspired
with self-directed tasks, so you can focus on your other students.

Here's a solution: 
Challenge her to write something meaningful about the latest news.
It's updated every day, so she can use it every day without getting bored.

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 Grades 1-3: TTJunior.com/join.htm

 Grades 4-8: tweentribune.com/join.htm

 Grades 9-12: teentribune.com/join.htm

 In Spanish: TTEspanol.com/join.htm

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Monthly Teacher Guide: April - May Edition




Kentucky Teacher
Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) publishes Kentucky Teacher to communicate directly with the state’s 40,000 public school teachers. The stories of this award-winning publication include news, perspectives, and practical, workable ideas for guiding students to higher levels of achievement.
Kentucky Teacher is a professional development tool for teachers. As such, it focuses on the work of highly qualified, successful educators to improve teaching and learning in Kentucky schools.
Kentucky Teacher also focuses on items related to the Department of Education’s and Kentucky Board of Education’s work including Senate Bill 1, strategic plans and more.
You can read archived issues of the print edition of Kentucky Teacher on the KDE website.
To check out what your child’s teacher is reading, go to www.kentuckyteacher.org.

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