COMPASS Choice Rewards for KEHP members

choice is power

hand with moneyYou chose your health plan. 

Now choose to be rewarded.


You can qualify for a $15 - $500 CASH REWARD by shopping with SmartShopper and choosing a cost-effective location for your medical procedure or test.

Visit or call 855-869-2133 to easily compare healthcare service costs among quality providers in your new Anthem network. You can save hundreds—even thousands, help reduce medical costs, preserve your benefits, and EARN CASH REWARDS!

You must re-register to access cost information about providers in your new Anthem network. Have your Anthem member I.D. card in hand and go to  To re-register:

  1. Click on the "First Time Users" link in the log-in box on the right-hand side.
  2. For your subscriber I.D. number, please enter your Anthem member I.D. number exactly as it appears on your member I.D. card.
  3. Enter your information into the other required fields, click the "Accept Terms of Use" box, then click "Log in."

New services added to KEHP incentive list

Additional medical services now qualify for SmartShopper rewards! To view a full list of services eligible for incentives, click here


the Cooper Clayton Method to Stop Smoking 



Save Five Percent on Healthier Foods

  • HumanaVitality® members can save five percent on all healthier foods that qualify as Great for You™ at Walmart®.
  • For more information, visit the website.  
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