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“Let’s start a revolution – a Thankfulness Revolution!”

As we enter the Holiday season, I want to share an idea of a Thankfulness Revolution for our Community!  There are so many reasons for us in the Franklin-Simpson Community to be Thankful.  The economy is moving forward allowing for more economic prosperity, our schools are thriving and excelling, and we live in a community that supports its people in so many beneficial and wonderful ways! 

Some of you may have seen the movie, Pay it Forward.  If not, the plot line is about a young boy who decides that his world is not a very kind or encouraging place.  So, he decides to take a bold and courageous step and determines to pay kindness forward.  He starts out by doing simple acts of kindness for people he knows and even perfect strangers.  The only “strings attached” to his good deeds are that he asks each recipient of his generosity to pay that act of kindness forward.  What I like about this movie is that it starts with a young person who decides to let his actions speak for themselves.  It is full of optimism and generosity and goodness – all the wholesome character traits that this holiday season is grounded in. 

So, I want to throw out a challenge to all of us today – let’s start a Thankfulness Revolution in Franklin and Simpson County.  What might that look like?  First, it starts simply by saying thank-you or writing note to someone thanking them for something they’ve done for you or for what they’ve meant to you.  I’m asking for us to stretch our Thankfulness Revolution to those folks in our community who don’t hear often enough how much we appreciate what they do.  Or we can even expand it beyond our community – we can thank our service men and women for protecting our freedom or many others working to make our nation and world a better place!  Be creative – challenge one another – maybe one of the boys teams can challenge the girls team to a Random Acts of Kindness competition and see who wins or our schools can come up with their own competitions. 

Start being a Thankfulness Revolutionary!  While you’re with your family during the holidays, practice the Thankfulness Revolution with them!  It may shock them at first for some of us, but take the time to thank someone in your life for what they’ve done for you or what they mean to you. 

A good friend of mine shared the following quote with me that went something like this: “feeling thankful for something and not saying thank you is like wrapping a beautiful gift and not giving it.”  Don’t let your gift of thankfulness go ungiven this year – pay it forward – join me in a Thankfulness Revolution!  We can make a positive difference in this world – start the ripple and watch it work its wonders!