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January is Board Member Recognition Month

The students, teachers, administrators and the support and service employees of the Simpson County School System deserve praise for working hard in their roles. But equally deserving of praise are the members of the district’s Board of Education, not only for their work but for their leadership.

David Webster, Brigette Crawford, Heidi Estes, Wes Stone and Nancy Uhls are more than just elected officials. They are the link between the school district’s citizens and its schools. They make some tough decisions, set policy for their district and create the conditions that enable students to succeed. In their individual walks of life as residents here, they are also part of the fiber of our Franklin-Simpson community.

The state of Kentucky has chosen to join other states in observing January as School Board Member Recognition Month, the 20th year in which it has done so. Our local school board members merit this appreciation.

As the demands of high-stakes accountability have increased for our schools, the job of our local board members has likewise become increasingly complex, requiring more time, training and knowledge. They also must ensure the safety and maintenance of school buildings and buses, support teachers by making sure they have adequate resources and professional development, lead the charge for programs that help students of every ability level and closely monitor the finances of the school system. There is not a single aspect of overall district operation that isn’t tied to the work of our board members.

I am pleased to join with other community members in thanking the members of our Simpson County Board of Education this month for what they do on behalf of our children.


Dr. Jim Flynn