Human Resources/Employment

Milli McIntosh
Director of Human Resources

Milli McIntosh & Lesley Forshee

KY Teaching Certification

Education Professional Standards Board
(888) 598-7667
CA-1 (Rank Change) Form: CA-1
CA-2 (Certificate Renewal) Form: CA-2
Additional certification information from WKU is located
on the right-hand side of the page under "Forms"

Minimum Guest/Substitute Teacher Requirements -
Hold a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution
Have at least ninety-six semester hours of college credit with at least a 2.45 GPA
From sixty-four to ninety-five semester hours of college credit with at least a 2.45 GPA.

Health Insurance
2015 Plan Administrator - Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield  
Kentucky Employee's Health Plan Website:
HumanaVitality LivingWell Promise - CLICK HERE
(Need HumanaVitality Card needed when logging in; for assistance, call 1-855-478-1623)
KEHP 2015 Prescription Drug List - List

Health Reimbursement
& Flexible Spending Accounts
2015 HRA & FSA Administrator - WageWorks
Phone: 1-877-430-5519
Need reimbursement for a Claim? Click Here: Reimbursement Form

Cafeteria Plan Benefits
Administrator:  Benefit Resource Group
Phone: 1-800-730-5070
Certified Retirement
Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System
Phone:  1-800-618-1687

KTRS will be in your area Saturday, June 13th to present a Pre-Retirement Seminar.  It will be held at the Cave City Convention Center, 502 Mammoth Cave Street, Cave City, from 9am - 12 pm.

This is a free outreach offered by KTRS to help educate our members on their retirement benefits.  If you would, please pass this information on to your certified employees.  Those interested in attending must pre-register at or by calling 1-800-618-1687.

The Pre-Retirement Seminar is designed for those members who want to better understand their retirement plan and desire to become better informed on how to maximize their future retirement benefits. Topics for the session include such items as KTRS organization, defined benefit group retirement plan, KTRS benefits, understanding your personal account, the retirement process, how to calculate your retirement income, post-retirement employment, health insurance, and the importance of staying informed on current pension legislation. In addition, there will be representatives from KY Deferred Compensation and KY Retired Teachers’ Association (KRTA) to discuss other matters that may be of interest to you.

Classified Retirement
KY Retirement System
Phone: 1-800-928-4646
403B Retirement Options
TSA/Simpson County Homepage:
TSA Educational Video:  TSA Educational Video
Thoroughbred Asset Management Team 
Toby Lewis - (502) 510-2000
Angie Jordan - (270) 799-8034
This Month's E-Newsletter:  Planning Wise

Group Life Insurance
Homepage: Group Life Insurance